This book was born in solitude on a quiet summer morning
on the coast of Maine. . . .”

So begins Christopher C. Moore’s exploration of solitude as a neglected path to God. Often we fear loneliness and isolation so much that we risk forgetting that in scripture and Christian tradition, solitude has always been a significant way of drawing closer to God and discovering the truth about ourselves. In exploring solitude as a spiritual path to God, Moore believes that our human need for solitude is often left unmet; even the church places great value on constant activity and personal involvement. Our spiritual lives dry up because we cannot pay attention to the insights that well up in solitude and silence.

Moore considers a variety of factors that affect the quality of our solitude, as well as both the dangers and healing power of solitude. Finally, he shows us practical ways to reclaim the experience of solitude as a spiritual and personal discipline, no matter how busy and demanding our lives may be.
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Written by our own Rev. Chris Moore. Buy his book and read it, and tell him how you liked it.

Paperback: 166 pages
Publisher: Cowley Publications (May 28, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1561011983
ISBN-13: 978-1561011988

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